Fishery store - Westely

Our Approach

Our Philosophy

Why do we go the extra mile to fillet our own fish in-store? We trust that customers will know the difference and come back, but it's also for our own confidence and values. We fillet for your protection and health. We may not have the biggest variety, but you can be assured that our quality will always be top-notch.

Our Story

Meet the Owner - Mike Pugliese

Mike Pugliese, Owner of the Fishery, is a master at his craft... an aficionado when it comes to filleting the fresh catch of the day. Mike has been in the business of selling fresh fruits from the sea for 40 years. He is the former owner of SeaWell Seafood, and after 30 years, opted to sell - however, the love of the seafood industry led him back to his lifelong craft - bringing the best of the sea to your table.

Mike takes great pride in saying "my products are brought in fresh daily and I fillet on premise... I'm like the old fashioned butcher who cuts to order". Mike's customer service goes beyond satisfaction guaranteed - always ensuring top quality and preservative free.